The 9th Real Trader Demo Contest Registration Is Open

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Contest registration:       14.01.2008 12:00 – 25.01.2008 18:00 (GMT+2)

Contest period:                 28.01.2008 00:00 – 08.02.2008 23:59 (GMT+2)

Results announcements: 14.02.2008 12:00 – 15.02.2008 18:00 (GMT+2)


In order to enter the Contest, you must agree to the Contest Rules. Therefore, please read these Rules prior to entry to ensure you understand and agree.

1. The following persons are not elegible for participation in the Contest:
1.1. employees (or immediate family members of employees) of the Real Trade Company, it’s IB, agents and other partners;
1.2. under 18 years of age.

2. The Contest is open to anyone else, who is not subject to the clause 1.

3. To participate in the Contest, a contestant has to sign up for the Contest by correctly filling in the following information:

3.1. name;
3.2. surname;
3.3. country of residence;
3.4. city of residence;
3.5. legal residence address (also please see the clause 10. and specify the required information here);
3.6. e-mail address;
3.7. nickname to be visible.

4. All entries must be in English only (!). After the registration a contestant will get his/her contest account details, login and password (need to be saved!). A contestant account will be activated within 48 hours.
5. Entries that are late, incomplete, or in any other language will not be considered for participation in the Contest.

6. A contestant who had provided the false information will be disqualified and is not eligible for the prize.
7. All personal information collected in connection with this Contest remains confidential, except the use of the following information that is posted in the current Top 10 contestants:

7.1. login number;
7.2. nickname;
7.3. country;
7.4. city;
7.5. current deposit balance, that is updated as positions are closed.

8. By entering this Contest, the winner acknowledges that the following personal data will be posted on the company`s web site:

8.1. place;
8.2. login account;
8.3. name;
8.4. surname;
8.5. country;
8.6. city;
8.7. nickname;
8.8. final balance;
8.9. prize.
9. Only ONE entry per person allowed. In case several people are going to participate in the Contest using the same IP address, it is strongly recommended to inform the contest administration with the exact number of contestants before the contest account get activated, otherwise, all the contestants will be disqualified.

10. Also in accordance with the clause 3.6 of the Contest Rules, a contestant must provide the following information during the registration process in the event if a contestant uses:

10.1. internet-cafe by providing it`s IP address;
10.2. IP address of the another contestant by specifying both login numbers and IP address;
10.3. proxy server by specifying the external IP address;
10.4. HTTPort, SOCKScap or other utilities by specifying the external IP-address.

11. Contestants using the same IP address without a prior notification will be disqualified and are not eligible for the prize. In the event a potential prize winner is disqualified, the contest administratiom may, in its sole discretion, select an alternative potential winner with the next highest total score.

12. All trading operations are made with “virtual money” using online trading terminal RealTrader4.
13. Start up deposit – $5000 (virtual money).
14. Trading will be enabled only within the contest period, but not within it`s registration and ending. A contestant can`t execute trade transactions by the phone and any other way, but using the trading terminal RealTrader4.

15. Contest participants execute trade transactions in compliance with the Trading Rules of the company.

16. Contestant is allowed to have unlimited amount of opened lots during all the time of Contest.

17. The contestant who made the highest profit at the time of Contest ending is deemed the winner.

18. In case a contestant has open positions at the time of Contest ending, all of them will be closed by a daily closing price for that particular day accordingly to the Trading Rules of the company.

19. In case more then one contestant has equal profit balance at the time of Contest ending, the contestant with bigger amount of trading operations becomes a winner.
20. It is up to the potentional prize winner to provide a scanned copy of valid photo identification with the same detail as is on the entry form to claim a prize within 3 business days after the contest has been finished by sending it to Failure to provide such will be considered a forfeiture of the prize.
21. All the claims arisen to contestants on the basis of carrying out the Contest or calculation of the Contest’s results should be sent to not later than 2 business days after the Contest is considered as ended (letter subject: “Contest 9. Login xxxxx”)

22. The claims connected with disputes regarding impossibility to make trading operations on the contest account due to poor quality of internet connection can not be accepted by the contest administration for consideration.
23. Decisions made by the contest administration are final in all cases.
24. Prize sum will be transferred to the contestants trading account and can be used for real trading bargains or it can be transferred to the stated bank account after 10 transactions each in amount not less then 0.1 lots on the real trading account. To receive the prize contestant has to have a bank account.


 1st place – $1000
2nd place – $500
3rd place – $300
4th place – $100
5th place – $100


Entry filed under: Berita.

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